Core Values

We are proud of our professional approach and integrity. Our philosophy is that the project comes first.

Shoft’s has a hands-on approach of delivering quality with cost effective solutions. This starts with a questioning attitude. Is the design about to deliver what the client wants? Can we save the client big bucks through a different work methodology? Or through different materials, brand of machineries and outfitting.

We work closely with customers to understand the operational aspects of the vessel to be built, particularly so in projects where specifications are not strictly defined.

On our initiative, we have managed to improve the design of several projects under our care, without linking it to commercial advantage. This remains one of the reasons why some of our customers like to revisit Shoft for new builds.

On the micro side, the strength of every ship rests on minute technical details: we engineer our vessels with thought behind each weld and each sheet of steel. We are proud of what we build. We take care.
The CAN-DO Attitude:

A positive attitude unites our workers, supervisors, engineers, managers, empowering us to achieve projects that are unique and technically challenging.

The courage and spirit to take on unusual, demanding projects has been a Shoft characteristic since early days. We ‘can do’ because we have great teamwork, great combined experience, and we find it interesting to do something from scratch where the learning curve is steep. We are always ready to do something new.


Shoft Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility