SHOFT is steered by Naval Architects and supported by highly experienced technical experts.

SHOFT is a fortunate employer, enjoying an unusually high loyalty from employees and contractual associates. The rate of attrition is probably the lowest in the industry.

Our greatest strength is a unique, committed team of highly experienced shipbuilders representing all facets of shipbuilding - a team which has worked together continuously for over thirty five years executing a variety of projects, often under highly trying circumstances. The SHOFT style is personalised with close interaction with grass root work force, many of whom have a history of long association with SHOFT. Many have graduated from being semi-skilled helpers to becoming skilled technicians and responsible sub-contractors.

We have robust professional relationships with designers and OEMs, which helps us in timely and perfect execution of projects of different variety.

SHOFT TEAM - Key Professionals

  • Mr. Sahay Raj - Promoter & Managing Director
    (Naval Architect - IIT Kharagpur, 1979 batch)
  • Mr. Arindam Ganguli - Director
    (Naval Architect - IIT Kharagpur, 1970 batch)
  • Mr. D J Britto - Director
    (B.E Mech. - PSG Tech., 1987 batch)
  • Mr. Binod K Sah - COO
    (Ex AVP, ABG Shipyard)
  • Mr. S B Singh - GM Projects
    (Ex GGM, Mazagon Dock Ltd)
  • Mr. K V Ramadasan - GM Special Projects
    (Ex AGM, Mazagon Dock Ltd)
  • Mr. Ram Garg - GM Marketing, Special Projects
    (Ex GM, Goa Shipyard Ltd.)
  • Mrs. Pranati Prabhu - GM Finance
    (Chartered Accountant)
  • Mr. Ravi Narang - GM Hull Construction
  • Mr. Joachim P Agera - GM Eng. Outfit
  • Mr. Ashok Singh - GM Hull Outfit