With dredging concepts strongly in place, we are fully equipped to design and build a range of dredgers required to create and maintain depths at ports, harbours and waterways.

Close association with port development activities have sharpened SHOFT’s approach and led to a deeper understanding of dredger and dredging requirements. Starting with auxiliary vessels and thereafter building a sophisticated Water Injection Dredger, we are poised to take on construction of full range of dredgers - CSDs, TSHDs, Grabs, Back Hoes, WIDs, Shoal Busters, etc.

  • Attention to operating demands can be seen even in the Multi Cats built by us - careful balancing for high performance of many functions - towing, anchor handling, transporting of personnel, facilitating repair & maintenance of dredging equipment, etc. Multi Cats operate practically round the clock 24 hrs x 365 days and need to be rugged and easy to handle. The fourth Multi Cat for Dredging Corporation of India is under construction.


  • The design and construction of the Water Injection Dredger was a giant leap forward and a great learning experience. A cooperative effort by involving owners, sourcing basic design, dredging design and operational knowhow from several international designers .


Multi Utility Crafts for Adani
Three multi cats designed and built after a thorough understanding of the needs of the operators and customisation to suit local environment.
Inland Cutter Suction Dredger ( Launched Successfully)
A Cutter Suction Dredger, for Dredging Corporation of India, India's largest dredging company, was designed indigenously and built by Shoft and dredging trials were carried out by Shoft; another leaf from the SHOFT's diversified list of complex projects handled.
Water Injection Dredger for Adani
The WID integrates basic design from world-renowned IHC Merwede, dredging design from MT Holland, dredging electronics from MBG systems, Holland.
Multi Utility Craft for Dredging Corporation of India
The Multi-Cat-1 for India’s largest dredging company DCI, an unusual design - a triple screw propulsion for operations in areas where draft is an issue.