Inland & Coastal

Twenty five years experience in building coastal cargo carriers puts Shoft in an eminent position to meet today's urgent requirements of river sea cargo vessels.

Current national objectives have defined the need for building a large fleet of specially designed shallow draft cargo vessels for combined river/sea operation. Simultaneously, so that this fleet can operate, there is the absolute necessity of special application dredgers for creating and maintaining viable depths in non-major ports and inland waterways.

Shoft is well equipped to meet both requirements. In terms of technical knowhow, optimum designs, and importantly, in experience.

Shoft is fully conversant with the rules for River Sea Vessels (RSVs) having built many Mini Bulk Carriers up to date, of which several were built to RSV rules. The MBCs are deployed on the coast of India for carrying/ transshipping, coal, ore, fly ash, fertilizer and other bulk cargo.
Series of Mini Bulk Carriers
As the shipyard grew with orders for many different types of vessels, SHOFT continued to receive orders for MBCs and in a short span of 2/3 years completed and delivered 5 vessels. A sixth vessel is also in an advanced state of construction and can be completed and delivered in a very short time to any interested buyer.
1500t Mini Bulk Carrier
Looking ahead at future demands, Shoft is ready with designs incorporating novel features such as roll-on roll-off pontoon hatch covers, optimized hold/hatch dimensions for serving as container feeder vessels, specially designed X-bows for reduced fuel consumption, etc.
Dredgers & support vessels for creating / maintaining depths
Capital and maintenance dredging in non-major ports and inland waterways requires specially designed dredgers, mainly Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSDs) and Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHDs) to operate in high current, shallow draft locations. We have designs for both, developed in collaboration with competent, international designers.
Self Propelled Cargo Vessels
Self Propelled Cargo Vessels 2000 T DWT, 2 nos. for Inland Waterways Authority of India for river operation in the Indo-Bangladesh protocol route and NW2 (Brahmaputra).