With a good understanding of dredging concepts and experience in the construction of various types of Dredgers and Dredge Support Vessels, Shoft is fully equipped to design and build the full range of dredgers required to create and maintain depths at ports, harbours and waterways.

Water Injection Dredger (WID)

Shanti Sagar 15 was the first-ever indigenously built electric propulsion Water Injection Dredger for Adani Group. The design and construction of the vessel was a giant leap forward, as Shoft, successfully integrated the basic design from IHC Merwede, the dredging design from MT Holland and the dredging electronics from MBG systems, Holland to deliver the final product.

Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

ID Ganga - A 1000 Cu.m capacity Cutter Suction Dredger, for Dredging Corporation of India (DCI), was indigenously designed and built by Shoft. The dredger has a hydraulically operated Spud tilting arrangement that facilitates quick stowage, movement and deployment.

Multi Utility Crafts (MUCs) Ranging from 650 HP rating to 3600 HP Rating

Shoft Shipyard Pvt. Ltd., has built MUCs for the Adani Group and the DCI. These multi utility crafts perform a variety of support functions such as towing, anchor handling, transportation of materials, consumables, personnel and facilitate repair & maintenance of dredging equipment, etc.