Modular Block & Hull Construction

The shipyard successfully adopted the Modular Block Hull construction methodology, with a high level of pre-outfitting in both commercial and defence shipbuilding.

40 Nos. modular hull blocks, each weighing up to 225 Tons, for the P-15B & P-17A class of ships being built by M/s Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd. (MDL) were subcontracted to M/s Shoft Shipyard Pvt. Ltd on competitive basis by M/s MDL. This was done under the auspices of the Government of India initiative of the “Public Private Partnership” (PPP) under the ‘Make in India’ policy.

Infrastructure & facilities at the shipyard were progressively augmented and the processes and work flow were aligned to undertake timely and quality construction of the hull blocks. The following were undertaken.

  • An exclusive block fabrication bay was designed and created for simultaneous construction of 6-8 blocks, based on material flow, with access for loading & transportation by Sea
  • Extra strong block skids were used for building and safe transportation of blocks on land and on barges
  • Extension of enclosed prefabrication bay to maximize, simultaneously production of units
  • The following additional machinery and equipment were installed
    • CNC Pipe Bending and Flanging / Flaring Machine – up to 4” NB and 6” NB respectively
    • Universal Hydraulic Aligners 4 Nos., of 300 Tons each
    • Cranes – Cherry Picker to work at 14 m high blocks

A large number of welders were trained & qualified for the indigenously developed DMR-249A steel, to ensure high productivity and quality welding. This skillset is available with only a few shipyards in India.

The mobilisation of raw material and hull blocks of significant weight over land & sea was innovatively addressed using a track & carriage arrangement for mobilisation of completed hull blocks of up to 600 Tons, over land. Additionally, 3 hydraulic mobile cranes ranging from 80 - 250 T capacity were procured and a self-propelled seagoing heavy deck loading barge, with a large open deck area was specially designed and constructed for carrying up to 1500 T. This was used to safely transport & deliver large hull blocks with a high vertical CG to M/s Mazagon Docks Ltd, Mumbai.

The shipyard has successfully delivered all blocks with a high level of quality and on time to meet the production schedule of M/s Mazagaon Docks Ltd. The thoughtful planning, concerted efforts towards training & skilling of manpower, augmentation of infrastructure and co-ordination at all levels with the Warship Overseeing Team, Mumbai and M/s MDL, enabled inspections and approvals for un-hindered production.