Sea Going / Coastal / Inland

Our shipbuilding operations cover construction of commercial vessels across the entire spectrum of sea, coastal and inland waterways. The products range from small ferry crafts, to tankers and mini-bulk carriers up to 10,000 DWT.

LPG Cylinder Carrier

Elikalpeni, a seagoing vessel was designed and constructed for supply of 2000 fully loaded LPG cylinders and other petroleum products to the various islands of Lakshadweep from mainland India. The ship was designed in compliance with the carriage of dangerous cargo and has an integral loading / unloading arrangement.

Heavy Deck Loading Barge for transportation of Heavy Deck Cargo

HDC Albatross, a self-propelled sea going Heavy Deck Barge was designed and constructed by Shoft Shipyard Pvt. Ltd., for carrying oversized cargo. The vessel was used for transportation of modular hull blocks having high CG, between Bharuch, Mumbai and Goa. The vessel is owned and operated by a group company, Shoft Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Self-Propelled Crane Barge

A self-propelled crane barge, with a capacity of 35 Tons at a radius of 36m has been designed and built for lighterage operations at sea and for other ocean engineering applications.

River Sea Vessel (RSVs) and Mini-Bulk Carriers (MBC)

The Shipyard is adept at designing and construction of the complete range of River Sea Vessels (RSVs) and Mini Bulk Carriers (MBC’s) ranging from 1200T to 2500T DWT. The RSVs and the MBC’s are extensively deployed for coastal and inland waterways operations, for transportation / transhipping of coal, ore, fly ash, fertilizers and other bulk cargo.

Trimaran Idol Immersion Barge for Lalbaugcha Raja

A modular trimaran barge with a submersible platform was designed and constructed for the annual festival of the most revered Hindu Deity Ganpati. The barge is used for immersion of the largest 20 feet idol of the deity with the accompaniment of hundreds of devotees on-board.

Deep Sea Fishing

Shoft Shipyard Pvt. Ltd., is one of the empanelled shipyards for the construction of Deep-Sea Fishing Vessels under the Blue Revolution Scheme announced by the Govt of India. The shipyard has constructed 3 Nos. vessels for beneficiaries in Rameswaram, under a tripartite agreement with the Department of Fisheries, Tamil Nadu. The shipyard has a capacity to build 15-20 such vessels annually.

Inland Passenger & Vehicle Ferries

The shipyard has constructed 20 nos. pax cum vehicle ferries for the Inland Water Transport of the State of Assam. The ferries were constructed at Shoft Shipyard with a high level of pre-outfitting and were innovatively transported by road over a distance of 2500 kms. The vessels were then assembled at site for launching, trials and delivery on the river of Brahmaputra. These include:

  • 10 Ferries for 100 passengers and 50 motorcycles
  • 10 Ferries for 100 passengers and 6 cars / 50 motorcycles