Shoft has been associated with defence projects and has been constructing defence vessels over the last 20 years. The shipyard was awarded the Industrial License for the construction of warships in 2013.

In 2018 the License was upgraded to cover ships with moderate weapon outfit. Also, under the license the shipyard was cleared for construction of Destroyers, Frigates and Submarines segments including their associated outfit.

The Defence Public Sector Undertaking (DPSU) Shipyards in the country extensively use our services for sub-contracting the construction of complete ship hulls, hull blocks and hull sections including their complete outfits.

Torpedo Launch and Recovery Vessel (TLRV)

INS Astradharini - A 61, an auxiliary naval vessel with moderate weapon outfit was commissioned into the Indian Navy in 2015.

The unique catamaran hull was indigenously designed and constructed, with fitment of heavy and light weight torpedo launchers. In 2018, the vessel was upgraded structurally for installation and interface of Swim Out torpedo launchers.

06 Nos. Auxiliary vessels for Coast Guard

Constructed and delivered 04 nos. auxiliary vessels to the Indian Coast Guard in 2017 / 2018. The vessels are extensively utilized for support of ICG vessels at sea / anchorage for supplying fuel and water, besides routine patrolling operations.

Additionally, 02 Vessels with added features such as AVCAT fuel storage and enhanced Navigation and Communication systems, were delivered in 2022.

500 T Feed Water Barge with Stainless Steel Tanks

The unique special purpose 500T feed water barge with 10 nos. stainless steel tanks were constructed and delivered to the Indian Navy, for supply of boiler feed water for the Aircraft Carriers of the Indian Navy.

06 Nos. Ammunition cum Torpedo cum Missile (AcTcM) Barges

The special purpose barges for safe transportation of various types of ordnance / ammunition were built for the Naval Armament Department (NAD), Mumbai. The vessels are extensively used and form a critical component of the Indian Naval Logistic chain for supply of ordnance to the Indian Naval Ships.

Fabrication and transportation of Modular hull blocks of P-15B, Destroyers, MDL

Under the unique Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, the Shoft Shipyard constructed and delivered complex hull blocks of up to 250 tons for the P-15B, Destroyer project of M/s Mazagon Dock Ltd. (M/s MDL).

A special vessel to embark and safely transport the blocks by sea was designed, constructed and registered as HDC Albatross, by Shoft Industries.

The Public Private Partnership model was further extended, to build additional blocks of P-15B ships at Shoft Shipyard and integrate them with blocks received from MDL, to build a complete destroyer hull form of 2700 Tons. The 145mx18mx13.5m hull along with associated underwater outfit, was slipped out, towed and delivered to MDL in early 2022.

Fabrication and transportation of modular hull blocks of P-17A, Stealth frigates

24 ship blocks of up to 200 Tons, with high level of pre-outfitting were delivered to
M/s Mazagon Dock Ltd (M/s MDL) in 2021.

Outfitting work On Board P-15B & P-17A vessels at MDL

Outfitting work comprising of Hull, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation and HVAC was undertaken on 2 nos. destroyers of the P-15B and 4 nos. stealth frigates of the P-17A at MDL.

Construction of hull of 105m Naval Offshore Patrol Vessel (NOPV)

The complete hull for Goa Shipyard Ltd. (GSL) Yard 1196 was constructed along with hull outfit and delivered to GSL, post launch.

Hull construction and machinery outfit of 2 nos. 90 m Indian Coast Guard, Offshore Petrol Vessels (OPVs)

Construction and delivery of complete hull of Goa Shipyard Ltd. (GSL) yards 1204 and 1205 were undertaken. Complete hull outfit, underwater fittings, installation of auxiliary and main propulsion machinery and associated plumbing work was completed prior launch.


Shoft has a unique advantage of being involved in many Indigenous Submarine projects, such as New building (ATV, French – Scorpene P75) and Medium refit (German – HDW SSK Submarines) projects. Shoft has gained technical capability and competence over the years, and hence can be an active associate to any major shipyard in future submarine projects.

  • From 2004 to 2013 involved in the outfitting of critical compartments of the strategic project
  • Since 2009 following jobs for P75 Scorpene Project
    • Fabrication of rudder fin stabilizer blocks
    • Fabrication of Cradles for diesel, electrical ventilation & accommodation
    • Fabrication of tanks, bulkheads and decks, aft frame work & stanchions
    • CNC cutting of HLES / Non-HLES, aluminium and SS plates
    • Assembly and Installation of STG components and TLT bow shutter doors
    • Fabrication, Installation and pressure testing of piping works onboard